All About: Hayley Paige

Okay everybody! As some of you already know, last night was the JLM Couture press show for the new season of Hayley Paige at the New York City Bridal Market. Barring a few Instagram sneak peeks, last night was the first glimpse of some amazing things that will be coming out very soon. Now, some of you may know that Hayley Paige is popular. She comes up with some of the industry’s most unique and edgy designs, and we are so happy that we carry her Blush line in our store! Spring 2017 gave us beauties like Pepper and West, but what will Fall 2017 bring us? We think we are going to see a lot of sparkle, tiered skirts, and color put into these amazing gowns. I just wanted to take a moment to highlight some of our most popular Hayley Paige gowns- whether you are looking for something classic or unique, Hayley is your gal.

Apollo– This gown is simple, elegant, and a little edgy all at the same time. The cross-over bodice and the tiered, cascading taffeta skirt offers something special. The sweetheart neckline also helps enhance the top of the gown and the structure will give you that defined waist line. This is definitely more traditional when it comes to Hayley Paige, but it offers just enough of modernism to be unforgettable.

Pepper– Now Pepper is more on the playful side. The tiered, tulle & horsehair skirt offers an airy feel while the neckline give you a shape that will compliment everyone! All the sequin details at the top really give it something intricate and will sparkle beautifully when it hits the light. This gown is definitely a showstopper and it will surely make a BIG statement on your wedding day!

Halo– If you are wanting an ethereal, garden goddess look, then look no further! The lace on the bodice with the nude lining underneath really defines the scalloped v-neck. Also, the back detail on this gown is like no other.

Denver– This gown is one of our newer ones. Our sample is Pink Berry, but we can also order this gown in ivory- depending on your taste. This a-line gown is embroidered with posies all around the bodice and waist-line which gently fades away down the dress. This gown is perfect no matter where you are getting married!

Azi– Last but certainly not lease, Azi is an ivory lace fit-to-flare gown. This gown is gorgeous and does an excellent job at enhancing curves, specially when you add a sparkly belt. It also features a tiered horse-hair trimmed skirt that adds another dimension to the gown.

I will include photos of these gowns so you can get a good look at all the gorgeous-ness for yourself! We would LOVE to get you in and help you find the gown of your dreams. Also, if you purchase your gown before the end of April, and review us on Facebook & Google, you will be entered to win FIVE FREE BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES! How awesome is that? You can submit your appointment request in either through our site or our app, or you are more than welcome to call us and we can get you scheduled! We cannot wait to see you!




Who We Carry!

At Inverness Bridal Couture, we want to ensure that we have the best gown selection we can possibly offer. That starts by making sure that we can offer a variety of styles, all while sticking to the aesthetic & uniqueness of our store. Today, I will break down the different lines that we carry so you can come in with a better idea of what type of bride you want to be on your big day!

1. Blush by Hayley Paige: We are OBSESSED with this line! Hayley offers some of the industry’s leading designs and we are so excited to have her Blush line in our store. Her gowns are fun, and kind of edgy also. She offers her gowns in Diamond White, Dogwood, Oyster, and many other fun colors. If you are looking for something different, but still fun and girly at the same time, look no further!

2. Laine Berry Couture: If you are going for something timeless, then Laine Berry is your gal! Laine’s gowns are designed to show who you are. She also does custom gowns for our store, so if you have been searching and searching with something specific in mind but cannot seem to find it, give us a call! We can set up an appointment with you to come in and work with Laine to create something special.

3. Ellis Bridals: Hailing from London, England, Ellis is true classical romance. Their designs are very figure-flattering and tailored. They offer gowns with lace as well as gowns that are completely plain, which is why they are popular among our clients. Make sure to look them up before you come in!

4. Alvina Valenta: This is our most couture line that we carry. Some of these gowns go upwards of $5000. With Alvina, you will get expert handmade craftsmanship with every single dress. All of the embroidering is done by hand as well as all of the beading which makes them a true work of art and ensures that no two dresses are identical.
5. Ti Adora- Are you a whimsical, boho bride? If so, Ti Adora will probably be perfect for you! Designed in the same design house as Hayley Paige & Alvina Valenta, Ti Adora gowns are excellent quality at an amazing price. They offer gowns with lace, fitted styles, and flowy styles, so there is something for everyone.

6. Blue Willow Bride by Anne Barge: This southern design house offers gorgeous classic gowns. Their site reads that they offer a “couture aesthetic at a moderate price point”, and we cannot agree more! These gowns are excellent quality at a great price!

Stay tuned because soon we will carry both L’Amour by Calla Blanche as well as Pronovias. We cannot be more excited to finally have both lines in the store. I hope this helps you get a background on the lines that we carry! If you have any questions, or would like to book an appointment, do not hesitate to call us at 501.358.6100!


P.S. If you buy a gown this month (ending April 30th) & you review us on Facebook and google, you will be entered to win FIVE FREE BRIDESMAIDS GOWNS (valued at $250 each)!!!! How awesome is that?


How to Make the Most Out of Bridesmaids Dress Shopping!

Let’s dive into the world of bridesmaids!!

We talked about the search for the dream wedding gown last week, so it was only fitting that we talk about the next best thing…bridesmaid dresses! We totally understand that bridesmaids can seem like a huge task, but with these tips, we hope that we can smooth out the process for you!

Tip #1– Talk to your girls! Find out if they have any concerns and address them. You want to make sure that everyone is on the same page about their thoughts and ideas and financially as well. Being a bridesmaid can sometimes be expensive, so letting your girls know up front can help ease some tension when you all go to try on dresses for the first time.

Tip #2- Already have a vision in mind of what you want for your big day! Taking 10 girls into a store with no direction as to what you want to see them in can get overwhelming quickly. We want to make sure that you see your vision, and don’t get clouded by your surroundings.

Tip #3- See if your bridal store offers incentives for bridesmaids! Some stores offer a percentage off if you bought your wedding gown with them. For example, if you are an #InvernessBride, your girls will receive 15% off their dresses. Also, sometimes if you have a bridal party over 10, you can get discounts as well. It never hurts to ask the lady on the phone if they offer any incentives!

Tip #4- Be organized! We suggest you have a group message or even an email list when communicating with your bridesmaids group. This makes it so easy to send order or measurement information to members of your party that cannot make it to try on gowns with you in store.

Tip #5- Plan ahead! This is probably THE MOST important tip I have for you! Bridesmaid’s dresses take approximately 10-12 weeks to ship and another 1-2 weeks to get to us. Make sure that you plan accordingly and you have enough time to get your girls dresses in and to have them fitted. Similar to wedding gowns, bridesmaid’s dresses, more often than not, have to be altered a little bit in order to ensure the perfect fit. Creating a timeline and sticking to it will ensure that you will not have to worry about your girls dresses being on time!

Now, all you need to do is relax & have a fantastic time! We want to make this process stress-free for you and your wedding party! I know that sometimes, trying to please 5-10 girls can be very strenuous, do not hesitate to ask us to help you if you get overwhelmed! We are always 100% team bride and we want to make sure your day is perfect, just how you envisioned it! I hope these tips can help you when you begin your search for your perfect bridesmaid’s dresses! We would love to help you in any way we can, if you want to schedule a bridesmaid’s appointment, please feel free to call us at 501.358.6100 or hop onto our site to send in your online request!

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Top 10 Tips for Wedding Gown Shopping

Top 10 Tips for Wedding Gown Shopping

Wedding gown shopping can sometimes be a difficult and daunting task. We want to make sure you have a great time with us and that you really get to enjoy finding your dream wedding gown so we have compiled a list of tips we think will help our #FutureInvernessBrides!
1. Have a set budget!
We always want to accommodate every single one of our brides. Having a set budget is something that really helps us to know what gowns to pull. We never want to put you in something that is more than you are wanting to spend. So, before you call us to schedule your appointment, sit down and figure out what price point you want to be at. That way, we can better help you find the dress of your dreams!
2. Keep your wedding time line in mind!
It is always a good idea to keep your timeline in mind when searching for your wedding gown. We suggest making your appointment 6-8 months before your wedding. This way, you will have more than enough time to order your gown, do alterations, and schedule your bridals. This will also help to cut out stress since you are going to be ahead of the game.
3. Keep your entourage small!
It is always fun for your whole entire family to be a part of the process, but we do not want your third cousin’s opinions to cloud your judgement. We recommend that brides bring 2-3 people with them to their appointment. We have noticed that the smaller the group, the easier the bride feels about expressing her opinion about what she wants, rather than worrying about what everyone else thinks she should wear.
4. Wear a little more makeup than normal!
Nothing is worse than getting in your perfect gown and not being able to fully picture how you will look on your big day! We recommend adding a little more makeup and doing your hair. That way, when you start putting gowns on, you will really get the feel of how you are going to look on your wedding day.
5. Do your research!
We are trained on which fabrics and silhouettes are best for each body type, but we want your opinion also! After all, it is YOUR big day! Coming in with pictures is always so helpful. Also, if you have previously tried on before, telling us what you absolutely DO NOT want is also very helpful. Also, research different designers and see what boutique in your area carries them!
6. Call us in advance!
We would love to help you in any way we can. You are more than welcome to call us to chat about brands, when you should start shopping, and any other bridal related questions that you might have. If we feel like we could help you more in person, we will probably ask you if you would like to book an appointment. We do this so we can ensure that we have time blocked off to devote to you and your bridal needs.
7. Keep your mind open!
About 99% of my brides that come in for the bridal appointments leave in something TOTALLY different than what the originally said that they wanted. If you tell me that you 100% DO NOT want a ball gown, I’m going to put you in a ball gown just to make sure! You never know what will surprise you!
8. Bring your accessories!
If you already have your shoes, or if you are borrowing a veil from a loved one, bring it! We want you to be able to envision everything! It always helps when we are able to put it all together for our brides!
9. Trust your consultant!
This might be one of the most important tips I have for you! We know what the gowns look like on people as opposed to on the hanger! If we pull something for you, try and stay open minded because you never know what you might love when it is off the hanger!
10. Have a great time!
We do not want dress shopping to be stressful at all! We want you and your friends and family to sit back and have a fabulous time! Remember, we are always there to help you so if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask! We will try to answer anything that you have the best we can!

I hope that our tips are helpful for you! We just want to make sure that each and every bride has a wonderful dress shopping experience! Remember, if you ever want to book an appointment with us, feel free to give us a call at 501.358.6100 or you can hop onto our site to submit your appointment request. We cannot wait to help you find your dream gown!


Meet the Inverness Bridal Couture Team!

This is Leigh Middleton! Leigh is the owner of our store and a long-time lover of all things bridal.

  • What is your favorite part of this job?
    • My favorite part of this job is when the girl finds her gown. My favorite part of planning my wedding was finding my dressm abnd since then this is something I’ve always wanted to do. That “this is it”moment will almost always make me cry right along with you.
  • If you could trade places with one person for a day who would it be?
    • I would trade with anyone who is at Disney that day! It is my happy place 😊
  • Who is your current favorite bridal designer? Why?
    • My favorite designer right now is of course Laine Berry! I absolutely adore her designs!
  • If you only could follow two Instagram accounts, who’s would they be? Why?
    • Probably my daughters, because she posts some real 9-year-old wisdom, and probably @stylemepretty too.
  • What do you think is on trend for bridal right now?
    • I think colors such as cashmere, rum pink, and even rainbow is super in right now!! Girls aren’t afraid of color anymore and I think that is the best of the current bridal trends!