Schedule an appointment

When you schedule an appointment you will have a personal bridal stylist and one of our spacious Dressing Room Suites for your family and friends. Your personal bridal stylist will be able to answer any questions about customizing our wedding dresses because most all can be customized.


You should begin looking for your gown at least four to six months before your wedding date to insure that you find exactly what you are looking for. Alterations can take as long as three to four weeks and if you have less time, we can still help you. We just want to make sure you leave enough time to get exactly what you want and that it fits you perfectly.

Set a budget

Know the amount of your wedding budget you would like to go towards your wedding dress. It is vital to know this before shopping so that you don’t risk falling in love with something that is out of your budget (That’s not fun for anyone).

Get to know your Bridal Style

Do a little research by looking through magazines, browsing our designer’s websites, blogs, and Pin, Pin, Pin. We love it when girls bring in their private Pinterest Board!

Who to bring

That is up to you but we suggest you keep in mind that whoever you bring with you is going to give their opinion. Make sure it is an opinion that you want.

Help us Help You

We want you to have the wedding dress of your dreams so bring in pictures of styles that you love. This will help us find you the perfect wedding gown. During the appointment if you love a wedding dress but just wish one thing was different, ask your bridal stylist. Most anything can be done to customize a wedding dress.

And Last One

Relax and have Fun!!!